Our policies are designed to keep everyone happy and safe.

Welcome to the Essex International Jamboree policies page.

We take the safety and happiness of all our participants very seriously, which is why we have a set of policies in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy the Jamboree to the fullest. By following these policies, we can all work together to make the Jamboree an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Alcohol and drugs policyCaravan and motorhome policyComplaints guide for staff
Complaints procedureData access statementData protection position statement
Guidance on campsite electricityNoa's Club policyPosition statement on dependent children
Responsible adult policy for under 18 staffSafeguarding policySexual health policy
Smoking and vaping policySocial media policyTransport and vehicle policy
Welfare overviewGreen Card
(Scout policy applicable to everyone at EIJ)
Gas safety
(Note this is applicable to everyone at EIJ)

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