Introducing Noa and Peggy

Noa is the spark that ignites the friendship, laughter and excitement among everyone at the Essex International Jamboree (EIJ), you will find them in the heart of our EIJ logo and you will spot Noa all around the event site. We would love you to use Noa creatively on any badges or designs you make to support your journey to jamboree. All we ask is that you keep the original colours or use them all in black or all in white. Noa is Essex red and the other elements represent guiding (blue) and scouting (green). You can download Noa and the two elements to use in your designs. If you have any talented artists in your group, please do share your creations and animations with us. We want to have Noa’s trail at the jamboree so we are encouraging groups to bring along their own Noa, be creative. It could be a model made from wood, plastic or cardboard or a flag or other fabric ideas. Could you make one from recycled items?

Peggy is our magnificent mascot who loves to travel around visiting groups before the event, but she has another important role. Peggy will be the first peg on site as build
week begins!

A fun part of being at any large camp is to swap small items with your newfound friends. This year, we are suggesting that you make your own Peggy pegs, they can be made from wooden tent pegs or from traditional or modern clothes pegs. Perhaps they can have their own group scarf or other outfit or just have your unit name on them. It’s up to you! Bring your Peggies along and swap with other groups, it’s a great way to get talking to other participants! You can also swap other items such as badges and patches or friendship bracelets.

Would you like Peggy to visit your guiding or scouting group? Apply using this form:

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