What about the leaders?

EIJ 2024 is not just your average jamboree – it's a rollercoaster of experiences waiting to happen! As you prepare to lead your groups into this international Scouting and Guiding extravaganza, let's dive into the exciting world that awaits you.

Training, develop your skills:

There are workshops and seminars to fine-tune and develop your leadership skills, to become the best leader possible - book on here.

International Vibes:

Get your passports ready, leaders, because EIJ 2024 is like a mini United Nations of Scouting and Guiding. Brush up on your global hellos and get ready to make friends from every corner of the world. It's not just a jamboree; it's a cultural exchange extravaganza.

Subcamps Galore:

Subcamps at EIJ 2024 take you on a whistle stop global tour. Each subcamp has its unique international flavour. Visit them all, catch up with old friends and make new! Perhaps you could form links with international groups?

Shops and Cafes - Retail Therapy Scout & Guide-Style:

Need a break from all the action? Head to the shops and cafes where you can grab some EIJ merch and refuel with some yummy treats.

On-Stage Shenanigans:

The on-stage entertainment is not your average camping skitts. Brace yourselves for performances that will have you on your feet, possibly attempting dance moves you never knew you had. It's a show, a party, and a spectacle rolled into one.

Have-a-Go Evening - Your Turn to Shine:

Ever wished you could try archery, It’s a Knockout, kayaking or climbing? The 'Have-a-Go Evening' is your chance to unleash your inner adventurer. Spoiler alert: You might discover a new hidden talent.

Swapping Extravaganza:

Let's talk swaps, badges, and stories. Swapping is like a treasure trove of memories waiting to be uncovered. Swap stories, make connections, and leave with a badge collection that tells your unique EIJ tale.

So, leaders, get ready to lead, laugh, and live it up at EIJ 2024.

It's not just a jamboree; it's an adventure waiting to be written, and you're holding the pen. See you in the subcamps, on stage, and maybe even at the badge swap - let the jamboree journey of a lifetime begin!

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