Noa's Kids Club

Noa's Kids Club is the place where children under 10 will want to be this Jamboree - and it's easy to book when you register to be a member of Staff.

Our club is named after our mascot (hidden in our logo) because these children are the jamboree participants of the future!

So whilst you are working, your children will have access to a range of age related activities including craft, cooking, exploring the site and also completing Scouting and Girlguiding badges.

As you would expect from any childcare service, for our youngest children, aged 0-4, we will keep diaries to record food intake, sleep times and any other happenings so that we can update you on daily basis.

The Club is led by an experienced and enthusiastic team of volunteers whose primary focus is on ensuring that your children have an amazing experience in a stimulating, fun and safe environment.

Volunteer with us and give your younger children an amazing adventure at the Noa's Kids Club.

See our FAQs for more information.

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