Subcamp Activities

Day time and Evening

A wonderful aspect of being at the Essex International Jamboree is that you get to meet friends and make new ones. Our Subcamps become your home for the week and we want you to have as much fun as possible. Part of this is that we have two big events to bring you all together:

Fun at the Fair

Another fun evening awaits! Join the fair, where participants from two subcamps come together for traditional British fair games - organised by you!  We'd like every group to bring a game that others can take part in - ideally it will be something you create/make yourself such as splat a rat using a drain pipe, spin the wheel, treasure map, hook a duck etc.  The more creative the better!! 

The schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday: Yangtze and Nile
  • Monday: Amazon and Seine
  • Tuesday: Mississippi and Zambezi
  • Wednesday: Murray and Shinano
  • Thursday: Ganges and Danube

Regional Food Festival

During one of the evenings, join the “food festival.” Each unit will share a special dish from their region or country. Plan ahead, involve your young participants, and create a menu card with ingredients and the food’s history. Aim to share about 50 items, and remember to avoid nuts.

The schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday: Ganges and Danube
  • Monday: Yangtze and Nile
  • Tuesday: Amazon and Seine
  • Wednesday: Mississippi and Zambezi
  • Thursday: Murray and Shinano

Subcamp Challenge

On every Subcamp, we have a challenge ... we can't say much more than that, but we hope that all participants will tour the Subcamps to take part in the challenges. Our teams are experts in creating these challenges, and you will not want to miss even one of them!

Ceremonies and EIJ's got talent

Do you have any talented members your group who are born to be on the stage? Or indeed just fancy a chance to perform?

If so we have some opportunities we'd love for you to get involved with! Have a look below at the opportunities available. Find out more here.

Ways to get involved

We'd love every group to get involved in these extra activities too:

  • Noa's Trail - made up of all your amazing sculptures
  • Exciting gateways - all your fabulous gateways to your site
  • Random acts of kindness and your Noa swaps - those wonderful items you've made to bring a smile

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