Seine Subcamp

We are in Seine. This famous river is in France that is central to French life, culture and identity. You may have seen it in paintings, eaten the yummy food from its region or recognise many of the well-known buildings that can be seen from its waters such as the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. 

The subcamp will have fantastic French flair with a hint of pink Parisian fashion and we are looking forward to saying “Hello” to you all. Or as the French say: “Bonjour”!

Introducing the Subcamp Team

Seine is lucky enough to have a duo leading the Subcamp. Sam and Zoe have known each other since school and have grown up in Girlguiding together. They are super excited to be heading up the team of both Scouting and Guiding volunteers and getting away from their day jobs. One is a teacher and the other is an events manager.

Zoe helped design a piece of the Ranger (then Senior Section) uniform, loves cooking and is a massive Disney fan.

Sam is the Ranger & Young Leader Advisor for Essex South East, is a dyslexia specialist and is really good at making cinnamon buns (so she says).  “We have been running our Harlequin Ranger unit for nearly 20 years and are looking forward to meeting the Seine Subcamp participants who will all become honorary members”.

The Seine team is made up of an amazing bunch of people who are all very passionate about EIJ and making lifelong memories while we are together. This team includes someone who is even flying all the way from Australia to support us. G’day Mandie. 

We represent the young and young at heart in Seine; our team members have a host of experience and interesting stories to share.

Everyone involved is there to make sure you have a great time so please do come and talk to us in the shiny times and the bad. If you are traveling from Essex or from Ecuador to come and see us at the EIJ we just want to say “bon voyage!”.

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