Murray Subcamp

On Murray subcamp we are looking forward to bringing you a taste of down under as we celebrate Australia’s longest river. We’re aiming for a relaxed beach vibe and along with more than our fair share of Kangaroos, Koala’s and Kookaburas we will be highlighting some of the Murray’s residents such as the Yabby, Eel-tailed Catfish and Short-necked Turtles. 

Introducing the Murray Subcamp Team

Rob is excited to lead the Murray Subcamp, having previously been the Deputy Subcamp Leader on Bolt’s Track back in 2016 and attending several others. When he’s not out running marathons (or his local cub pack), Rob has also managed to earn 3 Blue Peter badges and has appeared on the show twice promoting Scouting.

James (or ‘Mickley’ to his friends) has been a Subcamp Leader on two previous Essex Jamborees for Bolt’s Track in 2016 and Turtle Island in 2012. Not many people know that he holds the unofficial world record for the longest hat catch on a scout camp, set in Norway in 2011, perhaps 2024 could be the year he breaks his own record?

You can expect a warm welcome from all on the Murray Subcamp team who cannot wait to meet you all. We have a range of backgrounds, from those attending their first ever Scout or Guide camp, to those who have been to more Jamboree’s than you can count on two hands but still keep on coming back for more fun. We’re even being joined by a team member all the way from Australia itself!

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