Ganges Subcamp

Our Subcamp is named after the holiest river in Hinduism, the Ganges. Hindus believe it is a “life-giving river,” calling it Mother Ganges. They believe that bathing in its waters washes away sin. Many Hindus go on pilgrimages to holy sites along the Ganges, especially at its confluence with other rivers.

Introducing the Ganges Subcamp Team

Namaste, my name is Steve and I am your Subcamp Leader, my team and I are here to help you have the most amazing time at EIJ2024.  

To introduce myself, I’ve been involved in Scouting my whole life and went straight from being a Venture Scout to a Cub Scout Leader.  I am currently an assistant Explorer Scout Leader and the Treasurer for asildon Events And Service Team (BEAST) SAS. I’ve been to six previous Essex International Jamborees, the first back in 1996 as a Venture, the next two as part of the Catering Team, in 2008, 2012 as part of the Orangutan and Sydney Subcamp Teams and in 2016 as the leader of Tereshkova's Mission Subcamp. I’ve also been to NORJAM, WINGS and Hampshire Venture Jamborees over the years.

On Ganges we have 3 Deputy Subcamp Leaders: Jane, Simon and Sue.

  • Jane has been involved in Girlguiding since a Brownie when she was 7.  She is now a Brownie Leader in Rayleigh and the County Brownie Residential Advisor.   Jane has been attended EIJ since 1996 as part of the international team, staff catering and subcamp teams.  In 2016 she was the Deputy Subcamp Leader for Tereshkova's Mission and had a fabulous time, she can't wait for this year.
  • Simon is delighted and excited to be a member of Ganges Subcamp team. He is a member of BEAST and has been scouting since Cubs and has been all the way through into leadership roles. Simon's first jamboree experience was the last Essex jamboree where he held a similar assistant Subcamp Leader role as part of Tereshkova's Mission Subcamp.
  • Sue is one of the three Sue's on your Subcamp. The Sue's are a bit competitive so make sure you vote for Sue F if there's a Subcamp competition.  Sue has been in Girlguiding and Scouts since the age of eleven and currently belongs to BEAST. This is her second jamboree, she had a blast and learnt a lot at her first one and can't wait to help you make some lifelong memories at EIJ2024. It's very likely you will find Sue in the welcome tent, she has a super detective mind and will do her best to help resolve any issues or queries you might have. Sue is also up for a camp challenge, so get thinking and come visit the welcome tent with some creative challenges for Subcamp Ganges.

We look forward to welcoming you to Ganges.

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