Danube Subcamp

Our Subcamp is named after the River Danube - the second longest river in Europe, flowing through ten different countries in central and south eastern Europe. Our Subcamp country is Romania where the Danube opens up into the Danube Delta.

Introducing the Subcamp Team

To introduce myself, I am Dean Jefferys, the Subcamp Leader of Danube. I've been an adult volunteer for twenty five years and has held a variety of roles ranging from Group Scout Leader to Regional Commissioner for London. I'm currently District Commissioner for Romford. In my 'spare time' I'm a teacher and has taught every year group from Reception to Year 11. I have a varied Jamboree experience having attended the last four World Scout Jamborees and camped as a participant at two previous EIJs. I've also spent a day in a helicopter with Bear Grylls for a 'Bear in the Air' visit to London Scouting.

I'd like to introduce my two Deputy Subcamp Leaders: Jackie Geary and Scott Wilderspin.

  • Jackie is the lead for Programme, Welfare & International Support
  • Scott is the lead for Facilities, Help Desk and Administration
  • Jackie and Scott have been Scouting volunteers for some years and are currently GSLs in Brentwood and Hornchurch respectively, but both also have a long background in adult training and programme support roles too. 

We have a varied and diverse team with team members from all over the UK as well as from the Netherlands, Sweden and even the Isle of Man! This is the first time that this team have worked together, but they have a wealth of knowledge and skills that combined together make Danube Subcamp an excellent place to enjoy EIJ!

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