Amazon Subcamp

The Amazon River is unparalleled to any other river on Earth. Over 6400km long, it has the largest volume of fresh water of any river, this massive volume of water feeds the adjacent Amazon rainforest. 

Covering an enormous 6.7 million square kilometres, the Amazon Rainforest spans 8 countries and one overseas territory in South America, thats roughly 28 times the side of the UK!  It’s estimated that there could be nearly 400 billion trees standing in the Amazon, over the Jamboree we invite you to help us establish our own Rainforest and highlight the plight of the irreversible damage being caused by deforestation.

Introducing the Subcamp Team

Deputy Subcamp Leader in 2016, Lottie was devastated that EIJ 2020 was cancelled so is excited to take on the role of Subcamp Leader in 2024. During the intervening years Lottie has been leading the refurbishment of Elizabeth Tower, commonly known as Big Ben at Parliament. Having been in Girlguiding since being a Brownie, she is currently a Ranger Leader and District Commissioner.

Steve, who was Deputy Subcamp Leader in 2012, Subcamp Leader in 2016, will be our Deputy in 2024. Having been in Scouting since joining Cubs, he is currently a Scout Leader, Group Leader and recently stepped down from a short period as a Deputy SC. As the oldest member of the team he provides a ready source of humour for the rest of us!

In 1980, Don Starkell and his sons canoed to the Amazon River from Canada, it took them nearly two years but by the end of the trip, they had travelled over 12,000 miles! 

Alike our previous subcamps, Everest in 2012 and Nightingale’s Ward in 2016, we will be inviting you to Challenge the Subcamp Team! From the most amount of plantains you can balance on your forehead, to channelling your inner Pele for a penalty shoot out. Perhaps even a paddle-off?! 

Get thinking of your challenges for the chance to become champions of the subcamp!

small print: Our Subcamp Team have all subscribed to DELIVER the best support package to our guests. Our PRIME objective is ensuring our camp is fun, free now and the NEXT DAY.

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