Daytime: 09:30 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:00

Your Subcamp will take part in two Daytime Zones per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These are timetabled and the whole Subcamp will go to that zone and take part in the activities on offer.

Tech Lab

In the Tech Lab you can code, build, experiment, broadcast, play, fly and submerge yourself in current technology. The area will feature interactive activities that will expose you to the latest in computing, robotics and VR; while building skills in coding, electronics, and broadcasting. The zone will also feature working TV and radio studios so you can try your hand at being a presenter or working a camera.


Think you've got what it takes to make it big in the cut throat world of sweets? Now's your chance to prove it by starting your own sweet making business. You'll be making, marketing and selling your own sweets... and probably eating a few of them too! If your business has made the most profit at the end of the session, you could be crowned the next "Lord Sugar" from the UK TV show The Apprentice.


Come to get your fix of speed, fun and adventure. Test your skills on our mountain bikes and our BMX bikes or see how fast you can get round our KMX kart track and try to beat your friends. Why not try your hand at riding a different type of bike with our range of weird and wacky bikes? For something more tactical, have a go on the dodgems. Plus lots more to keep you interested.

Balancing Act

Balancing Act offers you the chance to learn new skills while taking part in exciting and challenging physical activities – a combination of fitness and fun! Enjoy the excitement of the circus atmosphere, with activities housed in a Circus Big Top! Experience the thrill of our High ropes courses or try your hand at juggling and other circus skills. Practise your Parkour in a skills workshop before taking on the timed challenge. Your time in the Balance Zone will be an experience you’ll never forget!

Up and Under

Climb, duck, delve, slide, crawl, scramble, bounce, knot and bound your way through the Up and Under zone. With our 30m climbing and abseiling tower, crate stacking, caving adventure and much more. Like challenges? Like adrenaline? Want the best views over EIJ 2024? This zone combines skills, development and fun. You will leave this zone with a sense of achievement, pride and excitement at what you have achieved. This zone is about more than just climbing and caving, it is stuffed with adventurous activity.

On Target

Come and shoot, fire, chuck, throw, kick, fling, heave, lob, hurl, and launch every kind of object at every kind of target! On Target Zone has it all! We will be offering clay pigeon shooting, archery and air rifles all interspersed with loads of other activities. The only question is, which target do you think you can master?

It’s a Knockout

Come and join the It’s a Knockout team for one of the most fun and enjoyable daytime activity zones at EIJ 2024. Working in teams you will make your way around the knockout arena taking on each of the challenges. From logic puzzles to teamwork, physical to skill, the games will be testing but ultimately great fun. For those not involved in the action of a game then there is the opportunity to win bonus points by showing off your latest dance moves or singing along to a cheesy classic, don’t forget originality and team work is the key. Will your team be crowned champions of It’s a Knockout 2024, well come along and get involved and go for gold!

PS. If you think the name of this activity is a little strange, it’s named after a UK TV programme that aired here from the mid-1960s to early 2000s. Google it – it will make you smile!


Fire lighting, pioneering, bush craft, knotting and many other outdoor activities await you in the survival zone. So if you want to try a new skill or practise existing ones, then this is the zone for you. There will be workshops and demonstrations on a wide range of different Scout and Guide craft skills.

Wet & Wild

Wet and Wild has the perfect activities for a week of summer camping. You can go wild trying out the zorbing challenges or get wet on our giant water slide. Alternatively, go and try out the kayaking challenges that take place in our huge onsite pools. In addition, there will be a number of adventurous activities for you to take part in but ultimately you will have an incredible, if not slightly soggy time, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

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