Anytime: 09:30 - 22:30

The Snug

A haven to recharge your batteries! Everyone needs a little time away from the excitement now and then. The Snug is a cosy, inviting sanctuary where you can chill out, chat to others, and enjoy some quieter, more thoughtful activities. Re-calibrate yourself in the zone so you are ready to throw yourself back into the fun and adventure of EIJ. Activities will include, but are not limited to, Lego, chess, board games, strategy games, playdoh, books and comics, card games of all sorts. A quieter sort of fun!

This is also the place to go for badge swapping. Each evening between 20.00- 20.30 staff will be on hand to support badge swapping. Please bring badges with you and remember the rules of badge swapping- No adults to swap badges with young people, swap like value for like value - it’s about the conversation and friendships you make as well as the badge swap.

You could also crochet a Noa or make a loom band Noa - the instructions can be found here.

Craft Barn

The craft barn is the centre of your wonderful world where you can learn new crafts as part of the daytime zone and have a go at chilled out crafts in the evening. After dark the zone is open for you to drop in and take part in a wide range of craft specifically chosen to allow you to take some time out from the hustle and bustle. A great opportunity to take on a creative challenge or just meet up with friends and do something different.

Daisy’s Gaming Shed

Come and visit Daisy- the caravan that looks like a cow! She joined the EIJ family in 2008 and loves meeting up with friends - old and new. Take the opportunity to have a photo taken with Daisy, have a go at playing her game and complete the Daisy challenge. Experience Daisy first hand to understand the madness; she’s guaranteed to make you smile.

Do you enjoy computer games? Come and see how games have developed over time and play a varied selection of games through the ages. Pop along to Daisy’s gaming shed to play a selection of games.

Soft Rock Café

Come to the Soft Rock Café for all your milkshakes, smoothies, mocktails and other soft drink needs. You can come in any time you are not busy or just need a shake. During the evening the Café is the place to be when you want to chill out with your friends, enjoy good music and have a tasty drink. Our milkshakes are legendary at EIJ, especially our Oreo Cookie shake! You’ll be coming back for more, we guarantee it!

The Beach

In the centre of the village is our very own beach, a place to kick back and relax, or be more adventurous and get building the greatest sandcastle of EIJ 2024. The beach will overlook the Village Stage and is directly opposite the Soft Rock Café, so go grab a shake, lay down your beach towel and relax!

All About Me, All About Us

The All About Me, All About Us zone will support areas of inclusion, wellbeing and wider global issues, allowing young people to engage in a mix of fun activities in a safe environment alongside external organisations and charities.

Sports Field & Café

Take part in the many sports games that will be on offer and see how well you do against others. There will be a range of games on offer so that everyone can take part in an event or two. Equipment will be handed out from the Sports Café, and as such this zone will only be open during the Café hours.

EIJ Presents

There will be a scheduled opportunity for the Subcamp to take part in EIJ presents, EIJ’s very own talent show. Auditions are to be sent in prior to the Jamboree so keep a look out for the link when advertised!

  • The event will be Judged by a panel
  • You will get to perform on our outdoor stage
  • Finalists from each subcamp will perform on the main stage in the finale
  • Finale on Celebration Day judged by the Jamboree Chiefs, Karen and Paul

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