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Your jamboree week in numbers

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

We have got out our calculators and worked out some interesting facts about the Jamboree.
The Essex International Jamboree site consists of 120 acres of grassland, which is an area equivalent to 13,000 standard matchboxes, placed side by side.
The site itself is a mile long and half a mile wide. 105 hours of sunshine has been promised by the weather people.
2,000 volunteer staff members and 1,000 adults supporting their own troops are here to make EIJ a spectacular camp for participants.
The Jamboree budget exceeds £1.3M and will be the largest joint Scouting and Guiding event in Europe. With it’s EIJ 2016 population of around 10,000, Boyton Cross now features in the top 25 most populated settlements in Essex, just above Tiptree.
Participants are representing over 30 countries and 50 Scout and/or Guide National Organisations from across the globe.
There are eleven subcamps, with nearly 1,000 participants in each one. Once every tent is pitched, the Jamboree will consist off 87 marquees and 14,500 square metres of canvas.