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Bog Squad: The unsung heroes

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Each day we’ll be giving you an insight into the teams responsible for planning and delivering the Jamboree. We sat down with some key staff roles and found out how they got involved, what they’re looking forward to and most importantly, what do they do?
A Day in The Life Of…
KERRY COLEMAN – Facilities, Cleansing Team Leader
Our chat with Kerry had an interesting start; she didn’t think she’d be able to spare any time as she had “some urinals to sort out”! Luckily we managed to find 5 minutes to find out about Kerry and her extraordinary Cleansing Team. They are also known as Bog Fairies, U-Bend, Mr Whippy, Soap Sisters, and Poo Patrol to name a few aliases. (Can you come up with any others? Send them in!). They play an integral part in the smooth running of the facilities onsite. Although the role isn’t that glamorous or glitzy, the team make sure they have fun whilst keeping the showers and the toilets clean and tidy, so everyone can start and end their days feeling fresh.
This is Kerry’s third Jamboree and second EIJ; in 2012 Kerry was a member of the Cleansing Team. Kerry has previously assisted Security, Traffic and Bar teams, and is dedicated to giving something back to the events that gave her so many memories and experiences as a participant.
Kerry only took on the role about four months ago, and recommends a sense of humour to be involved in this job. Her day starts at 7am, where she checks in with the morning teams and discusses any issues with the night shift team. Throughout the day, Kerry and the rest of the ‘Bog Squad’ ensure that there are plenty of toilet rolls and hand towels in each of the toilet blocks; if any of the toilet doors are broken, Kerry is on-call to fix them. Did you know, the new toilets on site this year are more environmentally friendly and re-use water, but it does mean only special toilet roll can be used. As soon as one shift is over, she has to be ready for the new shift to start. Kerry enjoys her role as it keeps her physically active and she takes pride in her team keeping the facilities in tip-top condition.
The good work obviously shows as the team got a special mention from BWESU of Mozart’s Symphony Subcamp: “Not all heroes wear capes! The amazing men and women of Poo Patrol are the unsung heroes of the Jamboree. They clear out hundreds of litres of waste in one extraction, drive large dangerous machinery in all weathers, and work day and night to ensure stress free days for everyone else.” It’s not a job that everyone would want to do, but we really appreciate those who do!