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A History of Mar-code-ni

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

You never know what message you might receive on the radio – would you know what to do if you heard a CQD? It’s an early version of SOS, first introduced by the man himself Guglielmo Marconi. Both CQD and SOS we’re used from the Marconi room of RMS Titanic during its disastrous 1914 maiden voyage. They were broadcasted on state of the art equipment provided by Marconi International Marine Communication Company that was powerful enough to be heard over 350 miles away. This was all over 100 years ago and modern technology has far surpassed these capabilities, with satellites providing real-time high-speed global communication to everyone. Despite these modern luxuries you can still make your very own Mini Marconi’s Mast today next to the subcamp office.
This is the final part of our daily stamp challenge, following technology developing in ‘real time’. Starting with sign language and progressing through semaphore, morse code and yesterday’s code wheels, the challenges have tested your skills of communication and understanding. In order to secure your subcamp stamp you have had to send and receive a message using each technique. All week you’ve had your flags waving, your buzzers buzzing and your code wheels spinning so hundreds of you have completed a challenge and collected your stamp, it’s been fantastic! .– . .-.. .-.. / -.. — -. . / ..-. .-. — — / — .- .-. -.-. — -. .. … / — .- … -!