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Technology in Motion

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

With the first day of activities thoroughly underway, I headed over to the Technology in Motion Zone to see what all of the commotion was about.
With nearly 20 different activities to have a go at, you are sure to have a ‘wheely’ great time at Technology in Motion. The most popular activity by far is the petrol quad bikes, so be sure to go to them early if you want to avoid the queues. I caught up with Derik, George, Jonas and Mercedes from 14th and 8th Chelmsford after they had a go. They described it as being “fun, fast and exciting” and “definitely worth the wait for the opportunity to try something new and speedy.”
If you don’t fancy the noisy engines of the quad bikes, there are still many other places for you to go within the zone. For example, you can draw a working electrical circuit with a pen, or play a life-sized version of Angry Birds. An underlying theme within the zone is a comparison between old and new technology. Zone leader Steve told me “[this comparison] aims to show the participants just how much technology has changed and allow them to try something they may not have done before.” Alex and Ben from 10th Finchley Scouts certainly appreciated the older technology. At first they were “confused” at how different the Vega Games Console was to the newer Xbox One, however after playing the Vega, they said that they actually preferred it to the Xbox because the games were much simpler and easier to understand. They added “If we didn’t have the older games consoles like the Vega, we would never have the modern Xboxes or PlayStations”
If you fancy doing something a bit more challenging there are Pedal Go Karts and Crazy Karts which turn left if you turn right, and go backwards if you pedal forwards! 1st Dedham Guides thought that the Go Karts were “exhausting but really fun.” They said that the best bit about Technology in Motion was the freedom that you had to go around and try the activities that they wanted to do.
Another popular place to be in Technology in Motion was the Selfie Booth, where you can take pictures with your new found friends and take them home at the end of the week. Just look out for photo-bombers…

Jake Dixon