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Camping by Numbers

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Hello fellow campers on O’Keeffe’s Subcamp and other people reading this section ‘how you doing?’ We are your communication reps on the gallery and we can’t wait to hear your stories over the coming week. 

We’ll be coming around all week to hear your news and see your talents, and as such want you budding singers, dancers and whatnot for EIJ Presents. Over the past few months our subcamp team has been brought together by our leader Rob and have formed ‘The Rob Squad’. 

Our subcamp is named after a famous artist and we would also like to think of ourselves as artists after designing the subcamp. From the giant pencils to the clapper boards on your sites and come ask one of the team about “Percy” the paint brush. You’ll see the team doing different jobs over the week, from being with you on activItes to being on the help desk if you need us look for the red scarfs with the white borders.

As you arrive on site get ready to have an amazing week, introduce yourself to other groups and come and meet the team behind it all. We’ve been here since Thursday to make sure you guys have a fabulous week. Get your tents up and see you for the opening ceremony!