Essex International Jamboree 2020

Our Jamboree brings together Scouts and Guides from the UK and beyond providing opportunities to take part in an active and energetic programme.

In 2016, the Essex International Jamboree saw 10,000 Scouts and Guides from across the world come together for a week of fun, adventure and challenge in a 120 acre-field near Chelmsford. With over 100 different activities in 30 zones, from abseiling to zorbing, participants had the unique opportunity to try something new, create lasting memories and make international friendships. The Jamboree was run by 2,000 Scout and Guide volunteers, dedicated to making seven days and nights an unforgettable experience.

To see our Essex International Jamboree in action, watch our video – don’t forget to share, comment and like.

EIJ 2020 Youtube

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