EIJ Site Safety Induction

Welcome to the Jamboree Site Safety Induction. This induction is mandatory for everyone involved in building the Jamboree site, including external contractors and Scout/Guide volunteer staff.

This induction will provide essential information to help you stay safe and healthy during the build period, along with key site rules.

1. Training Video

Please watch the video below which will cover everything you need to know. If the video does not appear, please refresh the page.

2. Training Assessment

To test your understanding of the training you just learnt, please complete the assessment below.

If you do not get 15 or more correct answers, please review the training video and then re-take the assessment.

3. All done

Once you have scored 15 or more in the assessment you have completed the online induction process, but please be aware that there will still be a very short briefing session on your first morning on site to make you aware of the immediate hazards and risks that day, along with any other important new information

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