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Warning: Fruit and Vegetables found on site

Sunday, July 31st, 2016


Roll up, roll up, we have our very own market right here on camp! As the Jamboree continues fresh fruit and vegetables can become quite scarce as apples and carrots go mushy in the bottom of the cool box, making maintaining a balanced diet difficult to achieve. Fortunately here at Essex International Jamboree we have the Food Warehouse. The Food Warehouse is home to a wide selection of fruit and vegetables all grown on a local farm here in Essex. The produce is fresh, every day, and available to everyone on camp. The variety of fruit and vegetables available ranges from apples and oranges to cucumbers and lettuces. While you’re in there, don’t forget to pick up Camp Chief Paul’s favourite vegetable, broccoli.
The produce is all reasonably priced and the warehouse is open from 08:00 – 17:00 every day this week, located on the Village Green next to the Bank. There is also the opportunity to purchase essentials like milk, bread and butter there which you may have forgotten or ran out of, saving a trip off-site. Unfortunately they do not accept card but cash and cheque are acceptable forms of payment.
So come on EIJ, join all the people who have already eaten 2,500 oranges, 100Kg red onions, 900 cucumbers, 10,000 eggs, 3,000 broccoli and so much more, by visiting the Food Warehouse and stocking up on those healthy essentials.

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