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Staff Superstar!

Friday, August 5th, 2016

We asked the volunteer staff of EIJ2016 to nominate their own stand-out superstars from their teams. We received a few special mentions and the submissions were great to read, but there was one person who stood out with multiple nominations.

Congratulations Richard Lawrence, you are our staff superstar of EIJ2016! Your hard work as team leader on the ‘Up and Under’ zone has been greatly appreciated by many people. You knew all your team members’ names before the camp started which added that personal touch. Your enthusiasm and perseverance ensured everyone both locally and internationally was involved and made to feel like part of a family.

Many of your instructors made your passion known to us throughout the week, from encouraging your team in poor weather conditions, to keeping a copy of the article about your zone in Gutenberg’s Gazette to read out to all your staff members.
You stretched your role further than needed by inviting your team to hang out in The Horizon after closing hours and rearranging activities after feedback from the participants to ‘maximise the fun’ for everyone. The Staff Subcamp Media team visited during the week, and Richard instantly approached us to provide a personal introduction to the zone; he was engaging and obviously proud of everything on offer.

We even had a very personal note from one staff member, “During the first two days of camp I was feeling homesick and Rich (along with Liz and Glen) created a familial atmosphere which by the end of the third day had me feeling like I had a solid temporary home. I was lucky to cross paths with a person like Rich whose unique qualities made this week unquantifiably better”.

We have had special request to name you as the staff superstar out of respect to your hard work and dedication to upholding all Scouting & Guiding values. We are sure that all the young people enjoyed ‘Up and Under’ thanks to Richard and his team. Well done and thank you!