Zone 3

Everyone loves “It’s A Knockout!” We shall be returning again to EIJ and we promise it will be fun, hard work and a great experience! Participants have the chance to problem solve, dance, win points, work within a team and of course, have a fantastic time!

There is nothing quite like It’s A Knockout. People will always remember the team bonding that is formed, the games which are on offer, as well as making themselves look like fools dancing to YMCA, Cha Cha Slide etc. – it’s all a part of the fun!

How will it work?

You will be split into different teams, identified by a coloured wristband, which will be given to you before the session starts. You will then be met at your subcamp by the It’s A Knockout Team Leaders. They will start to hype you up, get you chanting and take you over to the Knockout site. After a brief introduction, you will be split into your coloured teams and sent off to your first game. You then have 5 minutes to earn as many points as possible! After you have finished your game, there is an opportunity to gain bonus points by way of dancing. You then get moved onto your next game and start the process over again! If you aren’t taking part in a particular game, cheer on your teammates or help them out with answers if they need it – your input can make the difference!

What do I need to wear/bring?

Something practical (ideally, something that doesn’t have anything lose on it) with suitable footwear (trainers are best). You will be running and could be getting wet, so make sure you don’t have anything in your pockets you don’t want to ruin!

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