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Making art add up over on O’Keeffe’s Gallery

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

We hope you have all settled in well and had a great time at the Opening Ceremony. When you all get a chance go around our subcamp and take a look around.
Your book sand stars will be going up to form ‘The Library’ and our ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’. Until then come and meet our mascot, Percy Paintbrush, who is up outside The Gallery. You can get a photo with Percy and post it using #EIJ2016.
Our subcamp challenge is titled ‘Painting by Numbers’. We have 20 photo frames around our subcamp, 19 of which have numbers in them. Our challenge is for you to give us the sum total of all these numbers, some of the numbers may be hard to find, so happy searching! When you are done come to ‘The Gallery’ and get your card stamped.
Make sure you visit the other subcamps and complete their challenges – there’s plenty to do this week!