Onsite Training Support Deputy

Responsible to: Training Manager

Responsible for: Training Provisions

Job Summary: To help support the training team in delivering training provisions to adult members of the Girlguiding UK. Help create a training programme that can be used during the Jamboree.

Main Activities:

  • Work under the management of the Training manager  
  • Work an agreed number of hours over the Jamboree week 
  • Work the agreed shift times
  • Advising the training team on the Girlguiding UK training modules
  • Duties include; Supporting the training team to deliver training provisions. Advise on any differences between Girlguiding UK and Scout training and whether there is any cross-over that could be utilised by both sections. Advise on activity training allowed under the Girlguiding UK training scheme 
  • Be willing to undergo training where required 
  • Be flexible with duties required 
  • Potentially work in other areas of the Staff hub
  • To attend meetings and events as appropriate 
  • Any other duty as agreed with the Training Manager 
  • To attend the Jamboree
  • Have fun!

Person Specification:

  • Be a member of Girlguiding UK
  • Have good interpersonal skills.
  • Be able to work within a team of volunteers from both Scouting & Girlguiding  backgrounds
  • Be able to attend evening and weekend meetings if required
  • Be able to utilise electronic communication
  • Be able to work as part of a team with others for a common goal