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Imagine The Apprentice @ Essex

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

The first day of activities started ‘sweetly’ for Tereshkova’s Mission, as the participants took part in the Enterprise Zone where they were given the opportunity to be an apprentice of Sir Alan Sugar!

The participants were given the challenge to create, market and sell a new sweet using a set budget, where the winners would be the team who made the biggest profit. The subcamp was split into 4 areas with teams of 4-6 participants. Within their team the participants had to subdivide into marketing, manufacturing and finance teams. They then had to make decisions on what recipe to create, the required amount of ingredients to purchase, and finally design the marketing poster.

The overall Enterprise Zone Champion for Tereshkova’s Mission was Team Fudge It, who are Guides from Essex…Any guesses what sweet they created? Hint: it’s in the team name!

After the activity Georgina from 1st Belchamps and 1st Hockley Guides Unit commented “Seeing them go from something that was not a lot to something we sold was amazing!” Kaylen from Wales and Charlie from 1st Stanstead both enjoyed creating, decorating and eating the sweets, as well as making new friends.