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Going Global

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

As we all know, this is an International Jamboree and nowhere is this more evident than in the Global Showcase. Upon walking into the tent a sense of calm was apparent as participants escaped the energetic Jamboree life and enjoyed some quiet activities that celebrated the international scale of Scouting and Guiding. We spoke to 2nd Langham Scouts Imogen and Amelia from Tereshkova’s Mission, they were busy decorating candle holders to project different patterns and colours from a candle inside. They had only just arrived but had settled in. When speaking of the space, they said “it’s really nice as you can chill out and don’t have to worry.”
At the next table along we spoke to Laura and Josh from Phoenix Explorers and Columbus Explorers respectively. They are both in Mozart’s Symphony and had met at a previous camp, reuniting here. They had tried a few of the different activities within the showcase, including making neckers with anonymous positive messages inside. Laura described this activity as a “way to share” and it was evident that they were both moved by the lovely notes written in the neckers they had received. We left them playing international games which they were obviously enjoying, though they did admit to having difficulties in translating the Japanese game instructions!
Zone Leader Tansy enthused over the zone, particularly the multicultural nature of the activity. “It helps to build tolerance across communities,” she said. It is clear that across our diverse Scouting and Guiding movements, spreading international understanding is vital. So make sure to pop along to the Global Showcase and unwind and relax, play some games and take part in activities that celebrate our worldwide reach.