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Discovering what’s in store this week made easy

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Were you to have attended the Discovery Fair in the Village Green you would have encountered sample activities from many of the discovery zones that you will be exploring throughout your time here at Essex International Jamboree.
The Enterprise Zone provided a taste of entrepreneurship with samples of sweet treats that participants will be baking whilst battling it off to become the next apprentice. With each team having a set budget for ingredients and advertising, everyone involved should be able to get a feel of what being an entrepreneur is like.
A large wooden track cart was brought along by the Technology in Motion team, which teams of young people were pulling along as fast as they could in hopes of achieving the fastest time around the track. A group from 3rd Woodford Guides, Newton’s Lab told us “We got round the trek karts in twenty six second which was pretty speedy. We even beat the Scouts we were racing”. They also had a logic golf ball puzzle, where the participants could work out the best path to bring the golf ball down to the bottom of the track.
The climbing wall was also available for taster sessions. William from 4th Epping Scout Group, Newton’s Lab said “I was nervous. I did get to the top, though, and all the way down.” Visiting Island Survival you would have found a scale model of the boat that will be constructed throughout the week using pioneering poles and knots that they will teach you. A deck chair was also brought along as another example of what you might build while you’re visiting. Noa also made an appearance at the Discovery Fair, with Necker Noas being crafted with pipe cleaners for tying together your subcamp neckers.
Alongside friendship knots and wristbands crafted with the On the Box team, helped to bind together your newly founded friendships. For those with a sense of balance Circus Extravaganza brought along a unicycle for participants to try, whilst the staff were demonstrating their juggling skills that will be passed on to participants during the evenings.
The most excitement however came from Wet and Wild, where screams of excitement surrounded the stockade where members of staff were pelted with wet sponges, cooling them down at the same time. With such a range of activities present the Discovery Fair provided a perfect taste of what sort of activities you should expect to find throughout your week. Most importantly however, it was an example of three of most important aspects of the Jamboree: to try new things, to make new friends and to have fun.