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Day 3 Roundup: Sands of Essex

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

There are lots of fun things still happening at EIJ, today we had more sand delivered to the beach. Oh I do like to be
beside the sea side! Well, not quite. Budgets didn’t quite stretch to bringing a whole sea to EIJ 2016, but everyone’s favourite bit of the sea side is the beach, right? 3 lorry loads of sand was brought free of charge by Hanson Aggregates from Birch, Colchester just so we could have our very own sand pit on camp.
Whether it’s getting sand under your nails, in your hair, or up your nose, the beach in The Village has all this to offer. The catch? Most of the sand must be returned by the end of the Jamboree- so please don’t carry too much away between your toes!

Guides and Scouts from the 30 plus countries represented at EIJ2016 gathered in the Horizon on Sunday evening at the invitation of Darren Bretton, Head of International Support. The evening was organised as a thank you to those who had given up their time to work as staff, or who brought their Scouts and Guides from overseas, thereby putting the “International” into Essex International Jamboree.