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What does Bob think of the Jamboree?

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

I intercepted this transmission from Bob

Hi M1085 this is Bob as you know I managed to catch a lift to the planet earth in the space ship with those humans wearing white suits and helmets on their head. I have managed to gain entry to something called a Jamboree. From covertly listening to the older humans I understand a jamboree is where Scouts and Guides camp. Scout and Guides are younger humans who meet regularly, wear special coloured clothes that are the same and they make friends and learn new things.
The days start with all the humans eating – they seem to eat lots; at the start of the day they eat square food and little round food in white liquid. After this food they do something called a flag ceremony they pull rectangle bit of cloth up a big pole – I think we should design a flag and adopt this practice.

Then the younger humans go and do ‘activites’ they make things and take things apart, they do more eating, the shoot long bits of metal into round targets and they get totally wet – We had better not tell them what happens when we get totally wet. Then they eat again more square food with stuff between it, stuff that’s comes in a packet and makes a lot of noise when they bite it and round green things.

After they do more activities, they walk along thin metal with their arms out, they get covered in stuff from the ground and the scariest thing they do is to take something from the ground and they blow on it and becomes smoky, red and yellow and makes a crackling sound.

Then can you believe it they eat again this time it is long white things with a liquid thing put on top all the young humans really enjoy this. They then take the flags back down the pole. The young humans then sit and chat and giggle, they swap little bit of coloured cloth and even did this funny thing where the all move their bodies together in the same way I think they called in dancing or a flash mob. Some humans seem to worship me when they see me the make a noise and bow towards me.

My favourite time of the day is when it gets dark it reminds me of home, I come alive and I think of all of you… I have to go someone is coming but before I log off here are some pictures from their primitive technology.

Bob **~~@@##