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These Milkshakes Bring All The Scouts To The Yard

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Easily identified by the large blue guitar outside the front door, the Soft Rock Café in The Village is probably one of the most popular places here at Essex International Jamboree with a quarter of all participants and staff visiting each day. The Soft Rock Café has been open all week long and has been selling gallons of milkshakes and smoothies to help keep us all going, especially here in the greenhouse that is the Operations Hub.
Each day the Soft Rock Café has been selling around 2200 milkshakes, requiring the combined milk production of over 45 cows. New for EIJ 2016 is their line of refreshing fruit smoothies which have also proved to be very popular – especially on the warmer days of the jamboree.
The most popular drink to be sold overall has been the Oreo milkshake with four large boxes of cookie crumbs being used up in three hour, however all the specials have proved exceptionally popular as well with most of these selling out by the end of the day. The special milkshake today is a return of the M&M milkshake, which proved to be very popular when it was introduced earlier in the week.
When asked about her favourite drink, Lucy, a member of Marconi’s mast from 1st Spalding scout group said that her favourite was “the Sunkiss, its really good!” which was made even better for costing only 50p. The popular favourite here at Gutenberg’s Gazette is the Galaxy special, however the Jaffa Cake special yesterday is also a strong contender.
The Soft Rock Café is also home to the 14-17 retreat, a comfortable place for older participants to get away from the rest of their unit. Inside they have air hockey tables, board games and comfy blankets to allow you to catch up with your friends without being annoyed by any younger participants.
Although your wallets may now be looking rather empty towards the end of a fantastic jamboree, everyone should take the time to pay a visit and try a milkshake or smoothie before the week ends, you’ll probably find something you’ll love!