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The Senior Section Spectacular Challenge

Monday, August 1st, 2016

TSSchallenge badgeBadge Map
This year Girlguiding celebrate 100 years of The Senior Section. The Senior Section incorporates all members of Girlguiding between the ages of 14 and 26. This includes Rangers, Young Leaders, Leaders in Training, Leaders, Commissioners and members of the Trefoil Guild.

This Challenge is to celebrate The Senior Section Spectacular by fully participating in Essex International Jamboree and completing a similar range of activities to that in The Senior Section Look Wider programme. Look Wider is based on eight different octants, under which participants have to complete three Phase 1, one Phase 2 and one Phase 3 activity. To achieve this Challenge Badge you have to complete the same number of activities. Phase 1 activities are usually 5-10 mins to fill in any spare time in your day, Phase 2 is completed by joining in Early Evening and Marketplace activities and Phase 3 by actively participating in your allocated Daytime Zones.

As with the Look Wider programme participants can choose which tasks they do to complete the challenge (see below for options), and also they can use anything else they do at the Jamboree if you as the leader thinks it matches. If you are unsure if it counts come find any of the Iceni Rangers at The Senior Section Spectacular Challenge Area. They can only use each activity in one section, even though some of them come under more than one octant. Participants will record what they have done on their leaflet (which can be got from The Senior Section Spectacular Area) in the grid like the one to the right. When it is full their have completed the Challenge. Badge are £1 each or 80p each if ordering more than 10. To purchase the challenge badges please fill in the order form at the end of the pack or come to The Senior Section Spectacular Area (we have a limited number onsite so if we run out we will post to you at no extra cost to arrive before your first meeting in September). The money from the badges will cover the costs of providing this challenge for you and any profit will go towards the Iceni Rangers participation in celebrating The Senior Section Spectacular or future trips to International camps.

We are happy to come and talk to your whole unit/troop about the challenge and catch up with them during the week to promote their participation in Essex International Jamboree. If you would like the adaption for Under 10s, Leaders or Staff please contact Iceni Rangers at The Senior Section Spectacular Challenge Area or email