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The Corominas Cup

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Groups on Nightingale’s Ward can compete for the Corominas Cup this week. Manuel Jalon Corominas was a Spanish engineer. Although the history of the syringe goes back to Roman times, Corominas is credited with inventing the first the two-piece disposable syringe in 1973. This was an important creation as it would subsequently replace the glass syringe (which had to be boiled for reuse in order to ensure proper sanitation).
Groups are invited to challenge each other to anything, from frisbee to egg and spoon races or even challenge the subcamp team themselves! This afternoon 6th Kilkenny Kells took on 16th Harlow in a game of hurling. The winners were 6th Kilkenny Kells. They therefore get to keep the cup until someone challenges them and wins.