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Tereshkova’s team work

Monday, August 1st, 2016

This morning saw the participants of Tereshkova’s Mission visiting Island Survival. What an amazing zone, with lots of fun activities to take part in. As I walked around the zone I was overwhelmed by the teamwork that was taking place. I could see leaders emerging and taking charge of a small group of participants as they planned, made and completed many challenges.
Participants who had not met each other worked together to meet a common goal. Older participants helped younger participants and all team members were encouraged to do their part in each activity. There were team discussions on the best way to do each activity, ideas shared and news skills learned.
Some Scouts and Guides were born leaders whilst others were reluctant to take on that role, yet still emerged with smiles on their faces as success came to their team.
It was evident is that through teamwork friendships were being made, new skills were being developed and participants were having fun. These of course are just some of the key aims in Scouting and Guiding, so it was brilliant for me to watch this unfold first hand.
Tereshkova’s Mission