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Tastes of the World

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

On Tuesday night Nightingales’s Ward were treated to a spectacular spread of food in ‘Tastes of the World’. Groups prepared foods local to their home town or if they wanted to, chose another country and prepared a dish from there instead.

4th Morpeth had ‘Singin Hinnys’, a type of bannock, griddle cake or scone, made in the north of England. 16th Harlow had bangers and mash and 3rd Slough had Devils on Horseback. A local recipe from Berkshire with Barkham cheese from Reading.

1st Swindon Village put on a full cream tea, with scones, cucumber sandwiches and a cup of tea. The scones were even made on camp today.

Shelley and Kirkburton Guides had several varieties of tea cake on offer. Yorkshire tea loaf and Yorkshire Parkin. Steve our subcamp leader approved. And I’ll be baking that when I get home as they had recipes printed out for people to take.

Troop 712 were very popular with their tortillas cooked with butter and cinnamon sugar which had a Mexican influence. As were 48th Fife with their haggis. Joanna and Chloe from 2nd Chalkwell Bay said “it’s not what I expected as I had heard what went in it!” But she was pleasantly surprised. They also had Tunnocks caramel biscuits, tea cakes and Iron Bru.

Worcester Explorers had Worcester sauce cheesy bites. The group from the village of Hallow have a local connection with the makers of Lea and Perrins. Mrs Lea was a benefactor of the village.

East Lancashire had a wide range of delicacies on offer from black pudding, cheeses, Parkin and corn beef hash.

2nd Chalkwell Bay had a local Essex delicacy on offer, cockles. Thomas from Worcester wasn’t sure but said “I could used to them”.

South Belfast had a big pot of Irish stew on offer. And Girl Guiding East Lothian also
had haggis with oatcakes, Edinburgh rock, fudge, and Iron Bru. And entertained everyone with their rendition of “I would walk 1000 miles”!

I wish I had passed on dessert tonight but still managed to try almost everything. Sorry I may be a local Essex girl but I passed on the cockles!