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Mongolian Adventure

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Steve Sudbury has been to an impressive fourteen Essex Jamborees and countless other International Jamborees in his 52 years of Scouting! In August next year Steve and four other leaders are leading a group of 15 Explorer Scouts from Halstead and Colne Valley District to the 31st Asia Pacific Regional Jamboree, which is taking place in Mongolia. Firstly, the group will be spending two nights in a Mongolian ‘Ger’ tent, experiencing the Mongolian way of life with a local family before heading to the Jamboree for a week. The Jamboree is expected to host around 9000 Scouts and Guides from around the world, but primarily groups in the Pacific and Asia such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hong Kong.
After The Jamboree the group will travel via the Trans-Siberian railway for a 27-hour train ride to Beijing to spend a few nights exploring. This sounds like a fantastic trip, albeit an exhausting one! The Explorers and leaders are busy trying to raise around £26,000 to help cover most of the cost of the trip.
Some of the group trying to raise money at EIJ by selling woggles and trinkets. Steve and Kate are also doing a sponsored sky dive! If anyone would like to donate, sponsor or buy any goodies then visit Kate and Tracy at Earls Colne in Newton’s Lab or find Steve at Bolts Track help desk.
Steve said “International trips are great for making friends, and gaining memories that will stick with you for the rest of your life. It helps to understand what the rest of the world is really like and to see how each culture interprets Scouting”.
Will Dover