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Mission Successful!

Friday, August 5th, 2016

As the week draws to a close on Tereshkova’s Mission Subcamp it is time to present the final awards and recognise the best units on site. Across the sub camp there was the opportunity to win 10 trophies and awards for Most Bob’s won, Best Gates (x2), Tereshkova Challenge rock and Time Peake Challenge. In no particular order the winners are…

Most Accident Prone – Misr Balanda – Leaving their luggage out in the rain

Most Spaced Out – 17th Colchester Sea Scouts – Having the least amount of “space” but the most amount of enthusiasm

Most Hospitable – Wheatley & 37th Oxford – Being such wonderful hosts to Misr Balanda (Egypt).

Most Helpful – Isle of Man (All Island Contingent) – For having the most amount of nominations for being helpful within their own camp and towards others

Spirit of the Jamboree – Barking & Dagenham and 3rd Havering & Columbus – They bounded onto site full of fun and enthusiasm and maintained their fun approach throughout the whole week.

Funniest Moments – Poynton Rangers – For being so animated retelling their supermarket saga and making us laugh so much with their human fruit machine

Spirit of the Jamboree – 10th Hereford (Whitecross) – Full embracing International Food night and serving enough paella for the whole of Tereshkova’s Mission Subcamp. For joining in with everything with such energy and enthusiasm.

Tereshkova’s Titan’s – Genesis ESU – Going above and beyond in earning each and every single bob and being the most creative in every single challenge. For serenading us, feeding us, entertaining everyone and spreading smiles where ever they go.

Staff Legend – To be announced

Most Amount of Bob’s – Hereford (3rd), Isle of Man (2nd), Genesis ESU (1st)
Best Gate – Genesis ESU and 2nd Penparcau
Tereshkova’s Mission Challenge – Columbus ESU
Tim Peakes Challenge – To be announced