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Island Survival with Tereshkova’s Mission

Monday, August 1st, 2016

For anyone who enjoys some of the more traditional Scouting and Guiding activities involving burning flames and tying knots, Island Survival is most definitely the zone for you.
On arrival to the zone the members of Tereshkova’s Mission were quickly shipped off to their own little island paradise, their home for the next few hours as they worked together to build their own shelter to survive the oncoming storm. Neighbouring groups were getting quite competitive, fighting to build the biggest and tallest shelter they could with their limited materials. One island of participants from 1st Wheatley Scout Group managed to fit 11 people inside their shelter, which then managed to keep them all dry from the water they were sprayed with.
Elsewhere in the zone the well-recognised smell of wood smoke filled the air as participants learnt to start their own fires without the need for any matches or lighters. One Scout, Rami, from Misr Baladna Scout Group in Egypt said that he had “Never done it before, but now I can. It was easy and good fun.”
Other teams were working together against the clock to carry pieces of a container across a river, before racing the finished container to the finish line. The fastest team I saw completed the trek in an impressive 3:42, with the fastest time so far being only 1:53!
Tracking was another popular area with participants learning how to identify differences in animal and human tracks, such as age and gender. They were then allowed to test their tracking skills by following a course, which they then raced around performing challenges to test their speed.
The most popular area of Island Survival however was the catapult range, supplied by the Solihull and Aberystwyth Catapult Team, where teams of participants had 15 minutes to shoot down as many targets as possible, ranging from letters and bottles to saucepans and traffic lights. One team of Scouts from 17th Colchester Sea Scouts and 10th Hereford White Cross Scout Group managed to shoot down almost all of the targets. They said that it was “really good fun” and that they “would definitely do it again.”
Island Paradise was certainly a hub of activity and excitement during my visit, so if you’re looking for something more old-fashioned to do, then don’t miss out on a visit to the Island Survival zone!