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Great Scott! It’s Back to the… Knockout

Monday, August 1st, 2016

It’s a Knockout – Ger Henessey
The Participants from Earhart’s Hangar took part in It’s a Knockout yesterday morning. Now a fixture of EIJ, It’s a Knockout is organised by Southend Gang Show ASU. Daniel Wanna, Team Lead for It’s a Knock Out, describes the zone as “Team games and team building for points, with bonus points for dancing and being stupid!”
This year the theme is ‘Back to the… Knockout’, with each activity being given a ‘Back to the Future’-related title. The zone consists of ten challenges in which each of the ten subcamps attempt to earn their team maximum points. At the end of the activity the winning team is announced.
Before the main activity, teams from Earhart’s Hangar were led into the centre of the zone and each Team Leader was presented holding their team’s flag. Team spirits were high as some teams had already developed a yell before the activity began.
Amongst the most popular games was ‘Doc’s Dirty Laundry’, in which participants would jump into a giant inflatable washing machine in search of a sock among the suds. They then ran through a freezing cold paddling pool and hung up the sock, while trying to make matching pairs. Reuben, a Scout from 1st Castle Hedingham really liked this game. “If you’re gonna get wet, you might as well go all the way!” he said. Adam from the same group said that it “looks fun” as he queued up to have his turn.
In ‘Race Against Time’, participants used a bungie-chord to create a chain, passing mugs of water from one person to another. Most of the water ended up on the participants rather than in the target bucket!
Milo, an Explorer from 2nd Malvern, really enjoyed ‘Futuredoku’ – a version of Sudoku using EIJ subcamp logos. It was “very fun when you get involved”, he said, the “whole camp is very fun actually!” He did think that the catapult was “very difficult.”
Olga, a 1st Silver End Scout, was looking forward to doing the ‘Delorean’s Garage’ game as it looked “lots of fun.”
Luke, Clodagh, and Darragh from 12th Wicklow Scouts spoke to me after trying ‘Black Hole’. “We held a pipe for about 5 minutes,” Darragh explained, “so that was interesting”. Other games included a water rocket ‘Launch Pad’, a run-around quiz and an obstacle course.
Make sure you’re ready for It’s A Knockout, because we’ll be publishing the scores for each subcamp here in Gutenberg’s Gazette.