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Give it your best shot!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

On Target is a zone for all those sharp eyed participants on EIJ, as it involves a number of activities that focus on having a good aim and great hand to eye coordination! However, if like me you are totally inept at anything involving throwing, shooting, firing and generally aiming, never fear! These activities are great fun even if you are flailing wildly and missing the target. That being said, the local population of archery butts and clay pigeons have reached ‘endangered’ as the Bolts Track had a shot at ‘On Target’ – the Boltarians were out in force, trying their hand at archery, dodgeball, air rifle target practice, clay pigeon shooting and more!
I spoke to Serena from Legacy who proved to be a more than competent markswoman at the archery, hitting the gold twice in a row! Archery is always in high demand and the team are working hard to allow up to sixty eager participants to have a go at once. The scene before me was a little like Agincourt but with less armour and more woggles.
As if sixty Scouts and Guides with bows wasn’t a terrifying prospect then imagine twenty with shot guns! Thankfully the only targets were the less than sentient clay pigeons, which a few of the Tiptree Guides were surprised to find were small disks and not actual pigeons made of clay. Grace of Tiptree guides commented “They weren’t actual pigeons, just weird little plate-things. When you shoot them they get totally obliterated!” Most of the participants I spoke to had never shot before and were most surprised at the weight and loudness of the guns!
If precision isn’t your thing there are other things to offer further down the field, such as dodgeball and table football. These don’t take quite as much accuracy but they might improve your agility! As Patches O’Houlihan said ‘If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball’ I’m not sure if that carries over to archery, best not find out.
Remember that it’s not about hitting the target, just as long as you tried to hit it in the first place!

Will Dover
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