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Gambling at Earhart’s & Mendes’ charity event!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Mendes’ Rainforest & Earhart’s Hangar joined forces to have a Charity Fair, with both subcamps setting up a small activity on the village green. Despite the rain, the enthusiastic participants popped up the best games like a living fruit-gambling-machine. First you had to pull the one-armed bandit, then randomly 3 participants grasp a piece of fruit and present it to the contestant. When you have 3 of the same type of fruit you win, otherwise the penny is for charity. Talk about creativity!
In Earhart’s there is also a Dutch group who had a pretty weird game for the English participants. In Dutch it’s called “spijker poepen”, in English you can name it “nail-squatting”. You have a small nail on a rope placed around your middle. By squatting you’ve got to put the nail in a small bottle. It’s a great for your upper legs, so come by and try the game to get fit on EIJ!
Bas van de Ven
Earhart’s Hangar