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Express Yourself

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

The Scouts and Guides of O’Keeffes subcamp had a great time at the Express Yourself zone where there is a total of nine activities ranging from singing to presenting, drumming, radio presenting, journalism and dance. With so much going on we couldn’t possibly do this on our own so we called on our very own Chester the Chimp from 4th Thorpe Bay/5th Monaghan Castleblayney Scouts and Dave the Moose from 21st Hartshill Scouts!
Each participant gets the chance to do three of the nine zones and spends an hour at each of those three. The first three groups went to TV, dance and photography. In the TV studio we were looking for the future Jon Snow and Michael Fish. We found David and Elliot from 1st Chalkwell Bay. They told us how they learnt to read from auto cues and deliver to a camera (although I doubt even those in charge of the base expect a chimp and a moose to take over the studio!).
The dances were led by some fabulous instructors who taught them routines for songs from ‘One Dance’ to ‘High School Musical’, giving them the chance to perform on the main stage in The Village. As part of Photography our ‘Keeffe’s’ were given a camera and a list of items to take photos of. For a number of them this was the first time they were using an actual camera as opposed to a phone to take photos, and they were excited to have capture notably better images.
The second set of groups did Radio, Drama and Drumming. The radio bay was not an ideal setting for our friend Chester the Chimp since he can’t speak! Though the rest of the participants were fine and learnt how to provide voice-overs for radio, recording JamFM openings for them to use on air. Drama is an art form which has changed over hundreds of years; the participants were shown different theatrical styles from classical Shakespeare to more modern impressionists and improvisations. The African Drumming was also a lot of fun; Dave the Moose couldn’t get his drum to work but our ‘keeffey’s’ were beating up a vast variety of rhythms!
The final groups learnt about Journalism, Singing and Fitness. This involved going around the O’Keeffe subcamp and looking for local news. The Guides from 1st Thundersley (Connie, Lois, Jasmine and Amelie) told us that they have “been interviewing people from the subcamp, from the Scouts of East Lancashire to our Americans”. At the singing station the young people discovered their inner acapella artist with groups singing a variety of songs from a ‘relaxing’ rendition of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, to a pitch perfect rendition of ‘Just the way you are’ that was crossed with ‘It was only just a dream’ and of course you were all aca-awesome! The last activity was fitness, which was “challenging” but enjoyed by all as it is “always good to keep fit”.
The Express Yourself zone is both fun and educational; with so much to do this is not one to miss!
Liam Pattullo