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Bolt’s Challenge

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Monday morning saw the usually tranquil Bolt’s Track turn into an action packed but bijou Winter Olympic park. Wheelbarrow bobsleds, paired skiing, archery and making lots of noise were the events of the day. Boltarians turned out in force to compete in these inspiring and well-designed events. A very Boltic modern take on the classic bobsled event. Wheelbarrow sledding is a sport requiring a finely tuned combination of balance and agility that most are not quick to master. Many tried out at Wheel-Sledding but the fastest team were Ed and Kian of Braintree District Explorers, with an impressive sixteen second run. The invigilators initially had doping concerns; the Explorers were not willing to comment. This impressive display caught the attention of the subcamp team who then challenge our rivals and neighbours, Tereshkova’s mission! It was to be a tough challenge, Tereshkova sent over two brave champions, But the glorious and valiant leaders of the Bolt’s Track Subcamp Team executed this task most excellently.
I spoke to Mickley who commented:
‘We are pleased that after four years of hard training, early morning runs and ice showers have led us to this momentous victory. Our hard work has paid off and we are thrilled with the result.’
Mickley openly challenges any other sub camp teams to take up the gauntlet and have a go at our Wheel-Sledding challenge.
The Bolt’s Track Winter Olympic challenge went even better than expected, all agree that it was a real Barrowl of laughs and overall wheely good fun!

Will Dover