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50 nights and counting

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Nights away or residential events, whether camping, hostelling, sleepovers or bivouacs, form an integral part of Scouting and Guiding, and are something that every young person should have the opportunity to take part in.
By the time 12yr old Andrew Thomson from 48th Fife Scouts leaves EIJ16 he will have completed 50 nights away. For a 12yr old that’s pretty impressive! Having chatted with the group a few times during the week they are a hardy bunch, camping in all weathers throughout the year.
Andrew has slept in a tent, a hammock, a bivouac, and a teepee at sites all over Scotland, two of which were sub-zero winter camps.
Well done Andrew, keep it up, next stop 75 nights!
Andrea Bray Nightingales ward