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Gertrude ‘GO’

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Gertrude GO!
You might have noticed that much to the frustration of many happy campers, there isn’t any Pokemon to find over the EIJ site. Well forget searching for Pokemon because we have an alternative which doesn’t involve the use of a smart phone or the internet… Come to Nightingale’s Ward and search for Gertrude! There are 12 ‘Gertrude’s’ hidden around our site all displaying something to do with Florence Nightingale. Find all 12 and you will earn your subcamp stamp.
You can also take our quiz and learn some interesting facts about medical history, like what were the symptoms of the Black Death or the name of the book Florence Nightingale wrote. Or you could operate on Florence with our giant operation game! So come along, there’s plenty to do to earn your stamp here on Nightingale’s Ward.