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Craft Barn

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

Hopefully over your two days at The Jamboree you will have become familiar with The Village. It’s a space which you may believe to be a bustling hive of activity, somewhere noisy, exciting and an energetic centre point of life at Essex International Jamboree. Well you’d be only partially correct.
We will all have points in our week when we feel like slowing down a touch and wishing for a more sedate and relaxing activity to do while you recharge your batteries. The Village has something to offer for that too!
The Craft Barn sits just opposite Live@EIJ in The Village, recognisable by its unique sign made from your typical craft materials like rope, paint brushes, piping and pencils. Inside there is a range of activities for you to enjoy.
When I dropped in, I found a group colouring post cards which they will later send to friends and relatives back home in New York, Switzerland, Ireland and the ever exotic Manningtree, Essex. Jessica from 1st Broomfield, Tereshkova’s Mission was painting a lego minifigure, which she could then use as a woggle for her EIJ necker. “I’m painting the top half blue, I like blue”, Jessica describes as she readies her brushes.
Other activities include loom banding, making models of our mascot, Noa from wooden spoons on top of many other activities, so head on down there to find out for yourself.
James Traynor