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An Extra Team Member on Newton’s Lab

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

If you head over to Newton’s Lab, you might notice an extra member on their team. Lacey is a labrador/curly coat retriever cross and is in the early stages of training to be a Guide Dog. Her visit to EIJ will help her get used to meeting new people, loud noises and moving around in crowds. Once she’s a bit older, she’ll move onto another trainer who will begin to get her ready to help people with impaired vision. Lacey’s walker, Maxine, is the craft-guru on Newton’s Lab so lots of people will be calling in to see them both during the week.

Lacey isn’t the first dog that Maxine has puppy walked – she’s been volunteering for Guide Dogs for several years and has looked after several puppies who have now grown up and are working with people who need them

Guide Dogs have a stand near Junior Jam this week and will be able to answer any questions you may have about how Guide Dogs are trained, and how they’re able to help people. During the week, they may also have some puppies that you can go along to meet.

Lacey is a very friendly puppy but if you see her and Maxine out and about, make sure you say hello but please make sure you ask Maxine before stroking Lacey!

Kris Reynolds & Amy Garrad